Valdosta Daily Times

March 22, 2013

Rant & Raves for Friday, March 22, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I work in a school system where several faculty members are going through tragedies such as extended personal illness and recent deaths of family members. The lack of empathy shown to them by administrators is disheartening. What goes around, comes around. Please treat others the way you "expect" to be treated.

Nice spin on McKinney's inauguration, but in these economic times, spending almost $30,000, thus far, on a university president's inauguration shows very poor judgment. It doesn't matter where the money is coming from, it is excessive. While the former president had his faults, at least he had the good sense to forgo an expensive ceremony/celebration and was inaugurated at graduation.

People need to cut Lance Armstrong some slack. The guy won seven bike races, all while he was using drugs. I mean seriously, when I am on drugs, I can't even find my bike!

If you add up all the hours the VSU staff is putting into King Bill's inauguration, and combine it with the cost of shutting down offices and classes for half a day, you'll find it's a wee bit more expensive than they're telling everyone. And absolutely none of it enhances the educational mission of the university. Can you imagine the president of UVA or Harvard pulling a stunt like this?

To the young ladies smoking outside on the Le Berry/Little Ceasar’s patio Sunday, I know there is not an ordinance for no-smoking there but please reconsider smoking while people are eating (even outside!). I especially hated having to carry my 7-month-old child through the second-hand smoke to enter the building.

SPLOST is an exponentially harmful tax we shouldn't need. Plan, budget, and set needed tax rates. Stick to all, no matter who wants SPLOST tax added to get their hands on more taxes. Removing SPLOST frees up time to get the budget and tax rates right. Work on the most urgent and most important (sewage) first. If all are urgent and important, a bad reflection on leaders.

To the teacher that has a problem with parents not responding to your emails, everyone doesn't have an email. Some people don't have access to a computer to check an email. I have both a computer and an email, however, it does not pertain to my job, so I do not check it very often. I always tell teachers at open house if they need anything they can reach me by phone.