Valdosta Daily Times

July 25, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The other day while on a two way street, I was traveling behind a woman who was combing her hair for a long time while driving. That didn’t bother me, but the fact that she cleaned her comb out and tossed a huge clump of dead hair out of her window and hit my car with it ending up on the road or in the grass was disgusting. Find a trash can next time.

Ways to save money at SGMC. Make doctors pay for their meals. Quit giving unnecessary gifts to employees and spending tens of thousand of dollars for doctor’s week. Results: able to hire more employees and not cut benefits.

What gives a UPS truck the right to park half way into a lane of traffic and half way on the shoulder of the road to make a drop off. They should not block traffic on a single lane road.

No one has mentioned the taxpayer-friendly third option. Besides property tax and SPLOST, they can cut government spending and overhead. After $170 million and 27 years, SPLOST taxes spent by the City for Special Purpose Projects should be paid for by now. A five-year $150 million tax is not needed for a $55 million dollar sewage plant. The City and County don’t want the MOST tax because it can only be used for the sewage plant and will end in about three years or $55 million. They want the perpetual tax and will have a longer list of needs soon as these are paid for. Give us a break!

I never EVER would have believed that I could leave my pocketbook in a shopping cart at Walmart. I always thought anyone with any sense would remember their purse. But I left mine..last week. I have never been so hysterical and worried when I realized I had left it. Thank you ever so much to the wonderful and honest lady who turned it in to customer service. I will never forget that you returned my pocketbook.

I agree with the president that we need a national conversation about race problems. But it’s not a conversation when the loudest side shouts everyone else down.

Say it isn’t so! Keiko’s Place in Quitman is closing in August. Keiko and Russell and their restaurant are an institution in Quitman. Some of the best food you’ll ever eat! I hope they will find another building in Quitman and stay open. We love you and your terrific wings!

Women stop being so fake! If you don’t want to speak to someone just don’t. It’s that simple. As a grown woman you look really ridiculous laughing and making fun of others. Get a life and grow up!