Valdosta Daily Times

February 25, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Thanks to the Valdosta Daily Times carrier,in the Old Wood Valley subdivison, for taking time to tie-up the newspapers to keep them dry in this stormy weather.

The Withlacoochee Waste Water Plant article mentions property taxes may need to go up to cover repairs. If you are a property owner in Lowndes and voted 'no' on SPLOST, you may have voted yourself, and I, a pay cut. What happened to, Vote 'No' on SPLOST and give yourself a 'Raise'?

If LCSO wanted to prevent drunk driving, they would place an officer in the parking lot of the bars to administer breathalizers before anyone got behind the wheel. It wouldn’t cost any more than placing the same officer a mile down the road. But I guess that wouldn’t generate any income for the county, probation offices, DUI schools or lawyers.

Parents should think twice about some of the names they use for their children. It is harder to learn to write them and they will have to repeat the name over to others for the rest of their life.

A big rave to Lidia at Mama June's! She had the best customer service I've had at any resteraunt in Valdosta! I'm definitely going back just to sit in her section!

To the group that is trying to shut Moody AFB down, do you realize that most of you rich folks would be doomed? Ninety percent of Lowndes County would just be idle. Go ahead though, guess that is what you want. We all can relocate. Look at the rental apartments, house just sitting!

To the ranter who complained about the reckless driving of the Georgia State patrolman, I also have seen both state troopers and Lowndes County deputies driving aggressively without lights or sirens on. If they aggressively "hunt" for dangerous drivers, then they should be held accountable for their actions, too.

Excellent article by Dean Poling in Sunday's paper about the political changes in Valdosta concerning black voting power. Thank you to the men and women who stood up.

So I take my family to a Valdosta Middle School soccer game, nice family atmosphere, right? Well at halftime it wasn't so nice due to the music being played. A song played over the loud speakers contained profanity and sexual language. We wonder why some of our youth are the way they are?