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February 24, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Feb. 25, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — The ranter isn't anti-gun,  actually, I have a weapons license, and surprisingly, it was fairly easy to obtain. We have come a long way but its main purpose still remains.

Fox News telling the truth made me chuckle until I realized that similar opinions were expressed by the tripe produced by Joseph Goebbels who said “Intellectual activity is a danger to the building of character.” Waiting to see an intellectual on Fox News, none sighted.

The warm winter has allowed some strange species to sprout lately. Just this week I spotted a full size mattress growing along side the road. A few doors down there is a dishwasher blossoming in the ditch and for the last month a huge pile of garbage bags has reached maturity just inches from the road. Good to know that Lowndes County has decided to encourage this diversity amongst the azaleas.

To the ranter comparing guns to cars, snakes, & planes: the key words in your rant are "purpose of weapon is to kill the enemy" if someone attacks you, by God they are an enemy.

To the person complaining about the cost to the state and county for the roadblocks. I am sure you can ask any family member who has lost someone to a drunk driver, that no amount of money would cover the loss of their loved one. And to a future family member that was possibly saved due to the DUI arrests, I am sure they would also tell you, yes, it was worth spending that money to get the “drunks” off the road. A drunk is someone who is intoxicated, thus the reason for the DUI. Get real people, lives were possibly saved, that doesn’t even include the wanted criminals and the child restraints. Be happy they were out there trying to save lives and protect our community. I sure am!

The other night there was a GSP on I-75 driving very erratically. I won’t name his tag number but he was reported. He had his high beams on, driving up on our bumper, less than half a car distance behind. We got over and he did the same thing to at least three more cars. One didn’t get over fast enough and he swerved over into the next lane, driving like a maniac, then speeding up to at least 85 mph. He then got off at Exit 29, tore up the exit ramp, flew across the bridge and turned back onto 75, turning right in front of a car that had to slam on brakes not to hit him. He didn’t put his sirens on and according to dispatch, he wasn’t on his way to any call or even clocking people. No excuse.