Valdosta Daily Times

July 25, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, July 26, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Again, local government is already crying their woes if they don’t get their SPLOST passed. I haven’t seen one explanation of why they donated a house, spent $20,000 to move that house and more to clean up the private lot for a private, non-profit organization. Responsible government needs to practice responsible money management, not just raise taxes so they can go on misusing funds.

Something more should be done downtown at the pedestrian crossing. Sometimes you don’t see anyone crossing until it’s almost too late. Other autos and so much going on down there, distracts drivers and blocks their views. It should be taken away completely and cross at the red lights only for everyone’s safety.

Do you really think voting against SPLOST is going to change anything in Washington, D.C.? The only people it will hurt are locally. But you think you will make your point, right? Good job. Now don’t complain when it takes twice as long to get major projects done.

It’s not that we, as local small business owners, do not want to support our local sports and cheerleaders ... it’s that we CAN’T! Did anyone ever think that maybe that one person who walked in the door of the business was the ONLY person to have walked in that day? While you are all shopping out of town or shopping online instead of shopping locally, we are saving what little money we have in our cash drawer for rent, utilities and taxes! Let’s make a deal ... you all support your local businesses and we will all donate to you!

Why does SGMC always cut employee benefits first when they are losing money, instead of cutting managers who are making poor financial decisions that employees have nothing to do with?

When is Valdosta going to fix the drainage on Ashley Street? At one point today, three or four lanes in front of Dairy Queen were flooded. The east side of the Ashley and Gordon streets intersection was flooded. All up Ashley was flooding in the eastside lane. Fix it.

Gossip mongering, rumor mill addiction, busy-bodies, minding other people’s business, back-stabbing, tattle-tales, spreaders of hear-say, and scandal seekers, Valdosta wins. You ask me how I know ... try working for almost a decade in a large “country-club” church. It’s a Valdosta thing, y’all.