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July 22, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — To the lady in Lakeland worrying about the trash cans ... Really? There are things much more important to worry about than the placement of trash cans and getting yard of the month. You put yours where you want it and leave the rest of us alone. Worry about those “sore thumbs” sticking out in the road on 37, the dogs and cats running around loose, yard trash being left in the street for weeks, broken furniture and over-grown bushes just to name a few.

City of Valdosta and rental agencies, please make a concerned effort NOW to monitor the number of unrelated tenants living in the same house. There are countless houses within a one-mile radius of VSU that have as many as seven cars all over the yard and in the street at 6 in the morning. They should receive harsh fines for violating the city ordinances. Yes, the majority are VSU students. The Rental Agents and City of Valdosta should be responsible for checking up on the houses and the deplorable conditions of the house and yard. They are ruining the home values of those of us that have made a life-long commitment and investment in our homes, neighborhoods, and city.

Bravo to Monday’s rant about lights on when raining!! Vehicles with automatic lights don’t often work on rainy grey days. Please learn how to turn them on manually. It’s not for you to see, it’s for us to see you; in that grey vehicle, on that grey day, on that grey road!

I try hard to produce quality work. It is sad that I will get the same raise as others who don’t care and barely put forth any effort, much less extra effort to complete their daily responsibilities. Don’t misunderstand, I appreciate and love my job. I just feel that those of us who go above and beyond should be rewarded.

Audit away! Obviously an ignorant individual. I have talked to the director of one of these facilities, and this person explained the strictness of the spending and how tight their budget is. Check your facts before you spread rumors about the great Parks and Recreation.

I agree about the shrubs blocking drivers’ views. That’s okay. I’ll just sue the city or business involved.

More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.

If you want them to go on their ball trip then YOU pay for it. Or at least have a bake sale, yard sale, car wash, something. But don’t be “in total shock” just because people don’t care about what you care about.