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November 15, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, Nov. 15, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Yep, just as I figured, the City Engineering opened Williams Street from the Wildcat stadium to College Street the day after the last game of the season. Great timing, guys. Now you can start work on some of the roads leading to the mall just in time to tie up the traffic for the holidays. Go ahead. Gornto, Baytree and St. Augustine would be great places to start a road improvement project.

SGMC harasses those who pay. I pay my own insurance but despite collecting substantially after a recent stay, they send me to collections for more. I have been working to pay the balance but payday only goes so far. Being worthless would be better, then my care is free.

During my one hour walk almost everyday around VSU Campus, I have noticed at least 10 people texting while driving. It’s scary.

To all those individuals and businesses which paid tribute to all veterans, retired and active duty. For my part I say a heartfelt thanks. It wasn’t like this in the 60's when I served my country, but I would do it again.

People are communicating more, what with all of these electronic gadgets that are available nowadays. However, the communication is not face-to-face. The restaurant episode is a prime example. What are kids going to do when they have to go for a job interview? When they actually have to talk to a real live person who is sitting in front of them?

Sometimes those families on phones are laughing and playing games with each other. Maybe a new form of ISpy, where no yelling is done. But if you prefer we yell and spoil dinner with noise, so be it.

How ridiculous is it that I received the notice that my polling place had changed 4 days after the election? And this was after I drove all the way up Bemiss Road from downtown only to find out my polling place had moved to Park Avenue!

Don't you just love these people who invite you to leave town if you disagree with their opinions? Grow up!

Oh, sweetie ... did you think the maternity benefits you are paying for are for you? Sorry, those are to cover those that can't afford insurance. Enjoy your golden years!

A recent poll found that 34 percent  of Fox News viewers believe there are still hidden WMD in Iraq. 41 percent believe Obama is a devout Muslim born in Kenya. 37 percent believe in alien abductions and 28 percent that the earth is 6,000 years old.