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May 9, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, May 10, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Good riddance to the doctor unable to take Medicaid patients?! Do you work for free? I bet you go to work and expect a paycheck. Why would the doctor be any different? Blame our fearless leaders, not the doctors. And you are WAY out of line questioning whether that person is Christian or not. Sounds like the person who thinks preachers should work for free.

Why would you automatically think the doctor who can't take Medicaid patients is not a true Christian? You, my dear friend, are the one who doesn't sound very Christian-like. This person expects to be paid for his work, just as you expect a paycheck when you go to work. That is, assuming you don't live off the government and my tax money. It's not the doctor's fault Obamacare is ruining an already faltering healthcare system.

I had an out of town family member here recently, from the mid-west, and we were driving through town. A funeral procession approached and I, naturally, pulled to the side of the road to wait it out. My cousin was amazed. "What if you're running late to somewhere? And does everyone do this?" he asked. And I was proud of my southern town that I could say yes, everyone pulls over and waits, no matter what.

Someone backed into my empty car in the parking lot at the mall. Police found the  truck because someone took his tag number. But their insurance will not pay for have my car fixed. I will have to put out the first $250 of the $600. Is that what you call fair? There will be a charge against the owner of the truck but we all know what will happen: nothing!

To the person who said good riddance to the doctor who will no longer take Medicaid patients, did you not read what he said? He had treated hundreds of patients over months and now he will not be paid for it. How long would you stay at a job where the customers expected you to work for free?

South Georgia Medical Center has some serious issues they need to address! A recent stay with my family member revealed a need for better housekeeping measures (disgusting patient rooms), nurse response time ridiculously slow to issues that could have been serious, and wasted time waiting on a physician that resulted in an extra nights stay for absolutely no reason! We have no other option in this town and it is up to our community to help do something about this problem. Most nurses there don't prefer to work there either, they are underpaid, understaffed and working in conditions that are not optimal.