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May 3, 2013

Rant & Raves for Friday, May 3, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I thought that all schools had dress codes that the teachers and substitutes had to follow? When I walk into the school it looks like they are headed to the pool instead of the classroom. Tank tops and skimpy skirts are not allowed. Come on, administration, make them follow the rules. Thank you, to the teachers and staff that do adhere to the dress code.

As I drive around Valdosta and look at the tall grass/weeds and the cars parked in the front yards, I wonder where the city marshals are at to enforce the codes? If they were out driving around and doing the job that "code enforcement" does, then we wouldn't  have these problems.

Lanier County residents need to start attending school board meetings and start putting some pressure on the board members. The superintendent has a work relationship with his wife who is his assistant superintendent. It’s funny how the nepotism policy disappeared prior to this move happening.

If you're going to have a dress code at a prom, then utilize it. If you're not going to enforce a dress code, then don't bother having one. Some of the photos I saw of the teenage girls was more like a Victoria's Secret show than a high school prom. I realize that teenagers like to push the boundaries that adults set, but some of those girls were more like shoving those boundaries aside and stepping all over them.

To the person who smashed the window out of my truck on N. Valdosta Road Tuesday afternoon, stealing my notebook and camera: Besides costing me over $600 in damages and stolen property, that notebook contained all of my school work, and that camera contained sentimental pictures that I can never get back. You'll get yours one day!

After treating hundreds of patients since January, today Medicaid informed me that I will not be reimbursed for those services. This kind of arbitrary abuse of authority is just one more example of why Obamacare is a disaster. Now I'm one more doctor in town who won't take Medicaid patients any more.

So you have a problem with the President and his wife taking a few seconds to tell someone that they have their support? As far as our real problems go, the President isn't the only person responsible for getting us on the right track. He has to work with Congress, and clearly, Congress hasn't been cooperating very much.

There is a difference between the Valdosta sewer incident and the BP spill. One was full of crap.