Valdosta Daily Times

May 2, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I wonder how one knows that a handicap tag is meant only for one's spouse and not also for that person. Many, many people do not have handicaps that are able to be seen simply by looking at a person. I look perfectly "normal" on the outside but because of many internal problems, I can't walk more than 15 feet without having to stop for a rest. Don't judge a book by its cover.

As a teacher, I’ll be glad to take a drug test along with all of the students. Why don’t we drug test the parents too and see who comes out looking the best?

Why is it that it’s OK to disagree with past Presidents but if we disagree with President Obama, we are labeled racists. That is ridiculous.

All LCHS students should be treated the same no matter the race, religion, sex or economic background. There seems to be multiple sets of rules depending on what and who you are. When a student is found with possession of an illegal substance, that student should be punished according to the rules. It should not matter if their parents are physicians or have a questionable reputation.

Property tax should be based on value. School taxes should be separate and assessed to each household equally, no exemptions. The rich, middle and poor should pay equally for children's public education.

To the Valdosta city leaders, let’s not forget to set aside funds to settle lawsuits coming from our down stream neighbors. There is no difference between the Valdosta sewer incident and the BP spill.

Just heard that both the President and First Lady called and tweeted, respectively, NBA basketball player at his gay "coming out" party. I previously thought, but now I'm sure, that our President is a total incompetent who can't solve any of our real problems, so focuses instead on the "social issue du jour." Just what the typical, mindless, reality TV watching, ignorant, American citizen thinks is really important.

Paying or promoting teachers based on student performance builds corruption into the system. This was proven in the Atlanta school system.

Valdosta Daily Times, please follow up on the sewer spills and let us know when it is safe to use the Withlacoochee River again. You owe it to the public to keep us informed. Don't let it drop and we have to guess. You've done an excellent job so far about keeping us informed. You are a great newspaper and it is so much fun reading it.