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April 25, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, April 26, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — The ranter who believes every criticism of Barack Obama is racially motivated should be ashamed. He draws criticism because he is an epic failure, dishonest and corrupt. If you apply the measures all presidents are judged by, he has not had a single success. Even as the junior senator from Illinois, more often than not, he failed to show up and cast a vote on behalf of his constituents. Please arm yourself with facts and objectivity and don’t be so quick to cry racism where none exists.

LHS football outscored the same non-region opponents on their 2013 schedule 176-23 last season. Will this get them ready for the playoffs or for the region for that matter?

To the person who thinks we aren’t happy because our President isn’t the same color as we are. It doesn’t make any difference if he is pink, purple or polka-dotted to me. Poor leadership stinks no matter what color.

There’s a horrible case of head lice going around in the school districts lately! A general note was sent home asking parents to check their children; lo and behold, our kids had them. Had them, we’ve treated our kids twice, but they are re-infected again because other kids in class aren’t receiving treatment. Nurses, can you please inspect each kid for head lice and if found, send those parents a note to treat their children before sending them back to class? This is getting costly!

Where are the DOT workers that are supposed to be picking up the illegal signs. There are several on west Highway 84 and none have a DOT sticker on the back. Guess the law does not apply to everyone.

Parents need to understand that their children are not perfect. They do make mistakes and that’s just part of growing up. We all like to think that our kids are faultless but the truth is they aren’t. Some kids are good at hiding their defects so parents have a false sense when it comes to their kids behavior. Other parents just don’t want to face reality. No matter what, children are a blessing from God. Love them lots!

Please adjust the traffic light at Green Meadow and Country Club to accommodate all the cars backing up from the detour off Eager Road.

I try to be open minded. I tune into CNN, MSNBC, FOX and even The Blaze channel with Glen Beck, but so much doom and gloom from the latter it’s like watching Alfred Hitchcock ending of sorrow vs. Andy Griffith happy endings.