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February 11, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Why anyone would buy or pay a lot for jeans that are ripped or faded, beats me.

HUGE Rave for Patience Lawson for the leadership she provided in organizing the first-ever Jogging with the Generals race event at Georgia Christian School. It was perfectly executed! If you missed it, plan to participate next year!


Speaking of 'sidestepping' Where are those ‘Fast and Furious’ guns and when was the last time the President submitted a budget? If conservatives sidestep, liberals just plain OMIT facts and choose not to focus on anything but taking more rights from the American people while leaving our children with a huge debt! Sooner or later the government is going to run out of other people’s money! Even Honey-boo-boo's family has a budget and financial plan. That should be embarrassing to all who re-elected these idiots for a second term!

Guns don't kill, people kill people; however, how do these people obtain guns? Everyday you either read about or hear about an imbalanced youth plotting to kill with supposedly legal obtained weapons. Why does someone need multiple weapons in their home? Should there be a law whereas if someone is killed by a minor or imbalanced individual, should the owner of the weapon be held liable for not securing the or not?

What was meant by “we only need you this much” is employers will cut hours from all employees while still hiring new people to also work those shorter hours on other shifts. All while keeping the business running. More hires, shorter hours, no huge payroll bump, no health insurance for anyone, business still making a huge profit.

I find it truly amazing that some conservatives not only believe the poppycock spewed forth from Fox News but spread it around without really using reason and logic. Medical insurance and health care costs were sky high long before Obamacare was a possibility. Pardon me, but your ignorance is showing.

All these complaints about Advanced Disposal. My neighborhood has had absolutely no problems in the transfer. Yes I wish at least one dump site on the north side of town had remained open for car oil recycling, etc. but most people here don't adjust to change well.