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May 4, 2014

Rant & Rave for Monday, May 5, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Local medical providers, I am embarrassed for you that many of you are refusing to accept Obamacare. The insurance is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy bought through provisions made by the Affordable Care Act. Many patients are going to nearby towns for their medical care. SGMC you might want to be concerned. This could affect your patient census.

Rave to the good Samaritan who helped my son Saturday night at Chick-fil-A in Lake Park when he had a bike accident and the ambulance had to be called. The gentleman took off his shirt and gave it to my son to help stop the bleeding. Thank you so much.

We need “Shotgun” Charlie Walker back on the airwaves in the morning. ...

Why is Christianity growing so fast? Why it’s the evangelists reminding people not to be late for church in the Rant & Rave and the evangelists telling everyone to turn off their cell phone in church through the Rant & Rave. Tell it all, brother, tell how writing rants gives you that “peace that surpasses all human understanding.”

To the person wishing for Valdosta to have a skating rink, do you not remember in the not too far past when Jungle Jym’s had one? I do believe that was just last year. However, because parents feel it is OK to just drop their kids off and leave, it is gone. It’s time for parents to actually pay attention and supervise their children! That goes for all establishments around town. If they are under 16, they do not need to be there alone.

Big Rant! My 10-year-old son received money for a gift. He went to spend it on an iPhone case ... When he was shown the case by the male employee, he went to hold it and the man pushed his hand away and said he couldn’t touch it. Now why would he spend $25 if he couldn’t inspect the merchandise! Kids are customers, too! Shame on you, you lost business.

To the person who “jumped through all of the hoops” to purchase health care through the website: Next time continue on the Republican health-care plan which is: Stay uninsured and die quickly. I have had no issues with my new health-care plan.

So now doctors are greedy for wanting to be paid for their services? You need to move to North Korea where your style of socialism is still practiced. I’d ask if you don’t want to be paid for doing your job, but I doubt you have one.