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April 23, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Kudos to Justin Coody at the iGadget Doctor for going out of his way to help me set up a new gadget I purchased elsewhere. While the store I had bought it from as well as the manufacturer were not interested in solving the problem, Mr. Coody persisted until the gadget worked properly. It was gratifying to find such friendly, efficient service from this kind young man.

Thank you to Valdosta city government for doing everything possible to contend with unprecedented flooding while simultaneously dealing with citizens who think new wastewater treatment plants can be built without raising any taxes or passing SPLOST/MOST/LOST to raise revenue. Apparently the local Tea Party think we need to hold a bake sale to pay for it.

After sacrificing and working for years, my family and I were finally able to move out of low-income housing and get a home in a nice neighborhood. Now some developer that has megabucks decides to build low-income apartments right in the middle of our neighborhood?! Been there, done that!

Why will only one member of the Lake Park City Council return phone calls from concerned citizens?

Lowndes High School Wind Symphony and Valdosta State University Wind Ensemble put on an awesome performance Monday night. Mr. Bowman and Dr. Brashier, you have some talented students. Great job!

We don’t need Muslims flying airplanes around South Georgia. That is asking for trouble.

Gov. Deal will sign into law today Georgia’s “Carry Everywhere” law. I personally will attend no church that allows concealed weapons on the premises.

As a 1974 graduate of VSC, I always assume the students have the right of way when they are crossing at Oak Street and Baytree Street intersection. I am not going to harm a student because he walks out. I will stop every time. Our drivers here are crazy.

I want to put in a good word for Advanced Disposal. Their service to us has been impeccable. No missed days, no mess in the street, no problems. Thank you, Advanced Disposal, for the good service.

I know our TV comes from Tallahassee, but I have to say to whom it may concern: I will never buy from anyone who screams a commercial at me. What a pain.

I really like Dean Poling’s stories. He is a real treasure to The Valdosta Daily Times.