Valdosta Daily Times

April 22, 2014

Rant & Rave for Tuesday

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The service provided by Advanced Disposal has become a joke. They constantly fail to fully empty trash/recycling bins and leave them halfway in the street with lids open for the rain to fill them up with water. Between that and all the sewage floating around, we’ll soon need the CDC down here to fight an outbreak of disease.

I was interested in learning about the functions of the Valdosta State University Foundation and so I visited their webpage through VSU’s main webpage. I found it rather amusing (in a sad sort of way) when I clicked on the “Our Services” link on the Foundation’s webpage the only “service” it listed was “Give to VSU,” which is underwhelming (at best). I guess the Foundation doesn’t value Dr. McKinney's theme of “Engaged Innovation”...

What gives lawn mower trailers and vehicles (the right) to park in the middle of the roadway? I think next time I cut my lawn, I will park all my vehicles in the road and see if Hahira P.D. will drive on by. Tired of having my drive or yard blocked by illegally parked vehicles.

The comment in Saturday’s Rant and Rave about Austin Scott being out of touch is so true. Does he (and other government officials) not remember that Iranians trained at local airports and the 9-11 happened? Now they want Afghans to live among us and learn how to fly planes. Hello? Are not Afghan Muslims, whose Koran requires them to kill the infidel (us)? We went there and trained them how to shoot our weapons and they shot some trainers on the spot. Why would our government even consider it, much less do it?

To the girl in the red car with a dark tan convertible top that was on North 41 Thursday, April 18. You are risking your and everyone’s life speeding and tailgating like a nut. If you’re in such a big hurry, leave earlier or you may not arrive alive next time. Tailgate me and I will go slower! How would you feel knowing you killed a baby or child?

The people living in the City of Dasher have fire protection insurance with Lowndes County. Part of that fire protection is cutting trees out of the road in the county. I don’t understand if they provide fire protection for the city of Dasher, why they didn’t cut the tree out of the road  Friday afternoon.