Valdosta Daily Times

April 16, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Wednesday, April 16. 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The rant about the arts center is correct with the parking, etc. More of us would attend if parking were more available. Of course, let's not forget, it is of less importance than sewage, traffic lights, paving streets, roads, etc.

Now let me see Valdosta Georgia is- Winnersville USA - no - Title Town USA - no - Sewage City USA - I got it! Now this moniker will stick! (Or should I say smell.)

I live in Valdosta and I think Florida residents deserve a huge rave for boycotting Valdosta because of the sewer spills that affect their communities. Our local government officials need to learn that their actions (or rather inactions) have consequences.

Valdosta Daily Times: Please tell the public again what the mayor, city manager and council are doing and going to do to stop the sewage flow to South Georgia and North Florida. Then all will be well in Winnersville.

There is probably very little that can be done about the sewage venting in this area in the short run. But those that sat on their rear ends and "Permitted“ all the development over the last 30 years should be sent packing! In government no one is held accountable anymore.

Withlacoochee is an Indian name meaning crooked river. That name was not given as an approval for crooked mankind to contaminate it. But too many think it's OK, making Withlapooppee a better descriptive name today.

Valdosta Daily Times, you have done a remarkable job in keeping our community posted about the waste treatment situation. Please look into our gasoline crisis situation. I just returned from Florida where I bought gasoline 20 cents per gallon cheaper than what is being charged in Valdosta. Something is wrong with this picture.

Thank you so much to the woman who turned in my husband's wallet at Winn-Dixie on Ashley Street last week. It's nice to know there are still people out there who will do the right thing.

Are we going to war in Dasher? All you ever hear is the sounds of gun fire and what sounds to be cannons going off seven days a week. I'm not against guns, but I am for peace. I believe there is an ordinance against this in Dasher.

Rave to Lindsey, Teresa, Josh and Chris at Care Medical Spine & Pain Center. Their levels of expertise in physiotherapy have enabled me to perform my daily tasks with much more energy and physical ability than I’ve had in years!