Valdosta Daily Times

April 14, 2014

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I want to thank Brittney who has been my family’s favorite waitress at Cheddar’s since they opened their doors. Saturday night was no exception. She never lost her composure while I witnessed some crude treatment from the customers seated near us. Keep your head up.

Give it up, VDT. It doesn’t matter if the city leadership changes. They’ll never be punished. They all have golden parachutes worth hundreds of thousands when they retire.

Lowndes County leaders: Please reopen the recycling centers, at least two, one north and one south. The place is being “pitted out,” looks like a rubbish pile.

Big rave to Elliano’s. Best coffee in town and the employees are always friendly and thanks guys!

When will they start spraying for mosquitoes? There is a pond across from Dewar School near Carter Oaks Estate and the mosquitoes are nearly the size of the palm of the hand. Please help us.

It is time there are changes of bosses in the utilities department  because of the way they have treated the water problems in the city.

Congratulations to the Valdosta Times for the investigation in the sewage problems. More investigations are needed to come forward because our tax dollars are not being spent wisely by administrators and city officials.

That’s a pretty neat trick. Don’t look for leaks, don’t see them, don’t have to report them, no EPD fines anyway, nobody cares about the sewage at all. Oh, but I hear there’s another protest about the natural gas line like the one we’ve had for 50 years that’s never been an issue. Environmentalists? Ha. Frauds.

Why have our state elected officials not said anything about the sewage spills? Can they not read the newspaper? Or just too busy acting like they matter.

Gun supporters: Please tell me why you want to arm the multitudes of the mentally ill in America? Don’t let the NRA and weapons makers trick you. A background check is a sensible option rather than practically giving lethal firearms to those who will use them to kill innocents. Don’t children have a right to grow up too?