Valdosta Daily Times

April 3, 2014

Rant & Rave for Friday, April 4, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — To all Facebookers: You look like idiots when you post these “dares” of jumping in cold water or pictures without makeup. What do you think you are accomplishing? Absolutely nothing ... Send money to support the organizations and then you will be making a difference.

With the feral cat population in Remerton, I don’t know how there could have been rats in the old mill.

China allows no gun ownership, unrestricted free abortions and higher tax rates for the wealthy. Sounds like liberal fantasy land.

For those who love to complain of their pay, go find a new job. Always strive to better yourself and your situation but never expect others to simply give it to you. I would also advise you to steer your kids to do better in school so that they can have more options.

To the people who keep wanting to test people receiving welfare benefits. First, who would pay the cost, how frequently would they be tested, who would you screen prescription drugs from illegal. How would you know if they wouldn’t start using drugs after your so called screening process ... you wouldn’t. So continue to pay your taxes as all of us (except the one percenters) and be careful what you ask for ... I’m sure a few dollars for someone’s benefits is cheaper than staffing a food stamp determent office.

Why have I been sitting at the Northside-Bemiss light waiting to turn left into Bemiss for 15 minutes and seven light cycles? Come on Valdosta. I even had time to type this rant while sitting here.

The ones complaining about the rats coming from the mill ... take a minute to just “think,” maybe they are coming from the rising water at the river that is causing the sewage pipes to overflow and causing the rats to run to town. MMMM .... just a thought!

Military C-rations once contained cigarettes; you decide if you want to smoke. Now we are talking about banning smoking on military bases. Liberty is now defined as what the government wants for you, not what you want. Why fight a war to protect liberty when we have none at home or abroad. Personal liberty is being lost. You can’t even have a personal conversation without Big Brother listening.


 Cam and his crew with Signature  Landscape are wonderful. They did a great job on our lawn with such a short notice. Thank you and great job!