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June 24, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I’ve noticed quite a few people out jogging with their dogs lately since it’s warmed up. Be aware that dogs can overheat a lot faster than humans and can die from heat stroke very quickly. Save yourself some heartache, take some water along for them, and keep them cool!

There are several things I don’t understand: Why some drivers stop ten feet behind the stop bar at a traffic light, others stop two feet in front of it, and many don’t pull into the intersection while waiting to turn left. Weird.

Two cars ran the red light at the intersection of South Ashley and Hill Avenue. I could have been killed.

Please post traffic police on Patterson Street, in front of VSU. Police and the constable even speed through that area.

Shoppers, if eggs are displayed above the “safe line” in an open-top cooler at the store, the eggs are warmer than the needed temperature and may harm you.

People seem so anti-government. Praises to Lowndes County workers who replaced the street sign in Copeland Heights within one day! Great job!

I can’t stand Paula Deen. But let’s get real: Does anyone think Jessie Jackson never told a joke about white people or never uses the “H” word? The double standard is sickening. Everyone’s prejudiced against someone. What’s important is how you treat others.

Advanced Disposal won’t let me recycle! Two weeks ago my rollout was damaged by a motorist. I made three calls and no replacement. Perhaps, Deep South could come by and pick up A.D.’s trash cans (including the old Veolia one we’re still stuck with)?

The city cut their entire budget, including all funds by approximately 9.2 million. Is reducing the SPLOST budget by 9.9 million because most of the funds have been spent really a budget cut? The general fund budget, which is the only fund supported by property taxes, went down approximately $92,000. If the grant fund expenditures that ended for the police department are not included, then the budget went up. Is not having grant funds to spend, a budget cut?

I feel for Paula Deen. Everyone has ranted about other races. What if she had used the word “honkie” talking about white people. Do you think there would have been a problem. Such words are not intended to be bad, it’s who we are. I bet she has put a lot of money in a lot of pockets ... regardless of race.