Valdosta Daily Times

June 5, 2013

Raves for Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Editor’s Note: In 2013, Wednesdays will be  rave-only days. Thank you to our readers for your support.

Kudos to The Valdosta Daily Times for hiring Logan who works at the front desk. It was a pleasure to watch her handle two of us customers inside with back to back phone calls by herself in a delightful and uplifting way. Good job.

Two thumbs up to Hungry Howie’s on Ashley Street. It is the first time I had one of their pizzas and it was awesome. The staff could not have been nicer. I don’t see why they don’t do more business. It was great!

Thank you to the Waffle House on North Valdosta Road for their great service. They always treat our daughter like a princess! I think they have the best customer service in town!

To the cancer patient who was thanking the man for the movie screening: You really put things in perspective for me, and hopefully to others. Praying for you and your family.

Big raves for Bernette at  Arby's on St. Augustine Road! What a great attitude! Keep smiling, you do great work.

I want to praise the service of William Tompkins at the Norman Drive AT&T store. He went out of his way to provide outstanding service in a very difficult situation. He is a great problem solver, great employee, and super nice guy!

Rave to Jeffery Amos and his team for the great job working with the  young men and women with the Ombudsman program.

The city employees are doing  a great job in cleaning up the sewage problem in North Valdosta. I commend them for a nice clean up job.

Rave to my mother who graduated from nursing school in Valdosta 100 years ago in May of 1913.

We live in Stone Creek and couldn't be happier with Deep South Sanitation! They are the best. People don't realize that they come get your trash can and put it back on the side of the house! Keep fighting Deep South, and know you have our support!

I would like to praise the medical flight crew that responded to a local car crash last week near Statenville for a fine job of responding rapidly and most professionally. Thank God we have such an asset in Lowndes County that can fly someone directly to a trauma center. Lives will surely be saved!