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November 19, 2012

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Did it occur to you that the ambulance may have just gotten a call while they were behind you?

I recently had a very good experience from Veolia. After my current garbage provider did not pick me or my neighbor’s garbage for three weeks then took my can after I was paid in full through December, Veolia brought me a new can and took the garbage left by the other company. Folks these people do a job most of us would not. Thank you for your prompt service and you have earned my business

I would like to send a huge RAVE to Smith Northview ICU for taking such good care of my mother during her stay there. I would especially like to think Ashli, PCT; Michelle, RN and Bonnie, RN for all that they done for her and for our family. Thanks, ladies!! You are the best!!

Thanks to all the Democrats for joining up with the other states and we came together as a nation to put Barack Obama back into office. Thanks again! Have a blessed day.

Who was the genius engineer who did not put a green arrow turn signal light on the traffic lights at River and St. Augustine so we can turn left onto St. Augustine towards the mall?  Why spend the money to put a turning lane to turn left but no arrow light... the traffic backs up to the Masonic lodge and only one car can get through a light... great minds at work here in Valdosta!

Plenty of people decorate early because they want to start celebrating early and extend the holiday as long as possible. Thanksgiving still takes place and gets its place in the sun, but I think the holidays go hand in hand.

Where does money go made from high school sports? How do you think uniforms, away game transportation, etc. are paid for?

Ticket sales at all high school sporting events go to the athletic fund that supports all other sports which are poorly attended or don’t have gates for the event. Property taxes don’t support any extracurricular activities in school systems. Football pretty much funds everything mandated by the state depending on what classification you are.

I want to thank the person in the small silver car at Zacadoo’s on Friday for paying for the police officer’s breakfast. It was a nice surprise. I will pay it forward. Thank you again.

Rave, Rave, Rave for all the people that helped my son get to Chicago with the Georgia Bridgemen this year!