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November 18, 2012

Rant & Rave for Monday, Nov. 19, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — There’s no other way to put it: the people wanting to secede are traitors.

Earthquakes seem to be happening with greater frequency and magnitude. I am sure some will point out this is the fault of President Obama.

I hear you, my brother veteran. We dedicate over half our life to the defense and freedom of our country so that those that have never had a productive day in their life can make welfare and free handouts a lifestyle.

I had four stitches at the ER for a total of $1,300. I didn’t have insurance, but I paid it all off. However, when I came back at the appointed time to have the stitches removed, I found that there was an extra charge for that. So I went home, got some scissors and tweezers and removed the stitches myself.

The truth of the cuts to the military are not what the hawks want us to believe. The military wants to be smaller in manpower; and lean heavier on technology. No longer is a military based on millions used as cannon fodder.

“Can we please get Whitewater Road repaved instead of patched. The holes are reopening again for the third or fourth time.” Just one more thing that SPLOST was supposed to have taken care of.

To the person complaining about paramedics “driving right up behind a vehicle and turning the sirens and lights on.” Have you ever considered that a call may have come in when they happen to be sitting behind you? Therefore, the timing of turning their lights and sirens on happen to be while they are behind you?

Most agree. Preachers who work full-time for a church shouldn’t make pennies. But our tithe and offerings should not have to purchase and pay taxes for a home in Kinderlou Forrest or Stone Creek. It should not be used for that extravagance.

SPLOST was defeated because of the projects to be funded. Many of which are not needed at this time. If you want the SPLOST to pass next time, add an overpass for both St. Augustine and Baytree.

I was surprised when Hahira turned their Christmas lights on this week and there’s a house by the railroad tracks with       their decorations out. Personally, it’s too soon for me but I do enjoy seeing the lights. But I overheard someone in one of the stores, positively livid, that the decorations were up. Is it   truly bothering you, upsetting your life, to see them?