Valdosta Daily Times

April 22, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, April 22, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I agree with Friday's ranter about the Chamber. The board is there only to rubber stamp the Chamber president's agenda and only because a board has to be in place.

Rave to Mayor Gayle and Chairman Slaughter for working together to improve our community. Keep up the good work!

It is now clear that the criticism of our Chamber are personal vendettas. The Chamber does a great job.

I'm sorry; you're right. There are some people who may not have a choice as to where they live, due to the need for government help. But I refuse to believe that overall people go to one certain school or schools because they can't afford to live in another part of the county. My child goes to what is considered one of the top two elementary schools in the county. I am by no means rich and when I moved to that area five years ago, I was even "less rich."  

The recent vote of the U.S. Senate on gun control confirms that most politicians suffer from two birth defects: a lack of a heart, a lack of a spine, and sometimes both.

The state of our society has reached new lows when people accuse Obama (because he is a black Democrat?) of not feeling for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, Newtown, and Boston. Clearly, the worst enemies of the U.S. are fear, hatred and ignorance. None of them will make us safer, and none of them will earn us the respect of the world.

Be thankful, always. Have we forgotten how blessed we are in spite of all the things in the world that aren't good. Look for the good and be thankful.

A lot of us old folks just complain. How about volunteering at the church, soup kitchen, Red Cross, etc.

As a white man, I am very offended by how my friends criticize Obama. He is a good man, and it is about race. You can scream all you want, but it is about race. Love each other, and serve your community, instead of sitting around griping.

I live on Horace Avenue, and I am very pleased with Advanced Disposal's service. There   should be a choice of venders, but I am very satisfied. It sure beats wasting my time and gasoline to go to the dump sites.

Thanks to the lady in the black Lexus SUV who paid for my breakfast on April 17 at Zaxby’s. We  still have a lot of caring people in this world. Thank you!