Valdosta Daily Times

October 10, 2012

Rant & Raves for Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Some of the teachers were let go for trying to do the right thing. What about them? Your certificate at stake or your job.

It is not as cute as you may think it is to bring your three screaming children plus babysitter to the doctor’s office, and leave them in the lobby for us to listen to. Keep them at home!

A ranter referred to "Private School and Home Schooling traitors." Actually, sir, they don't want to have their kids dragged down by gangs, drugs, and liberalism in the public schools. They would be traitors to their kids for keeping them in the system.

Rave to Dave at Chick-fil-A on North Valdosta Road. He is always friendly, courteous, and very attentive and helpful. He is one of the reasons I go to that location.

Now you're a traitor if you home or private school your kids? First, I still get the "privilege" of supporting public education through my tax dollars whether I use it or not. Second, my job as a parent is to ensure my kids get the best education possible by whatever means I see fit, period. How I do it is nobody's cotton-picking business.

Why does the Valdosta Sam’s even have directional arrows since cars can have gas tanks on either side? Other SAMS in other cities do not have these.

Is there not enough compassion in the multitude of churches and the people who start non-profit agencies to quit shuffling low-income people from one of their doors to another? Are there no donors that require some reports from the agencies to which they donate? This is a generous community, but we need leadership to consolidate and improve the tired and struggling agencies we now have.

The crews working at night on North Valdosta need to put up more signs as to which lane is closed. Coming off of Country Club, you cannot tell which lane is closed. There should at least be someone there to help direct you where to go so you don’t drive on fresh pavement.

I want to send a big rave to Buffy that works at Bayou Bill's. She is one of the kindest people I've had the pleasure to meet in a long time. You were there during a hard time and I hope you the best in life.

To the person complaining about the football teams being escorted by law enforcement. That is done to keep the buses together. I like to also think that is a safety measure to ensure that our kids arrive safely to their destination.