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April 17, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Before you Floridians boycott Valdosta, keep in mind the businesses didn’t cause the sewage problem. I don’t know the truth about the problem, but there is such an anti-government attitude, it scares me.

You ask why gun supporters want to give the mentally handicapped weapons? Who ever said we did? Anti-gun supporters are under the gross misconception that “we” are all machine-gun, sawed-off-shotgun-toting crazies. We’re not! There are four guns in my house now, from handguns to rifles. All were legally obtained, a background check was done before they were bought. My husband carries but you’ll never see it unless his family is threatened.

The sewage overflow from a manhole/womanhole is comparable to the toilet in your house overflowing each time you flush it. It must be George Bush’s fault.

Any chance of getting a few comments on the sewage discharges on this area from the Valdosta/Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce? It would seem this issue would be of paramount interest to their members. No better way to get their position on public record than an open letter to the public in The Valdosta Daily Times.

If zoning is there to protect the businesses and residents who are already there, why is the Lake Park elected officials wanting to approve a change that does not benefit the people who are already there? Shame on Lake Park mayor and council.

When will our road department for Lanier County come and look at the pipes down our dirt roads. The north end of the county (Mud Creek) is in dire need of pipes. All we get is, I’ll check it out. Where is the county money going?

I agree with the person asking to reopen the recycling centers if only to accept recycle items. Advanced Disposal has failed to pick up the recycle on Zipperer Road more than they have picked it up!

If you are too old to hunt for Easter eggs, something you could do around Easter is walk along the right-of-ways and pick up some trash. It would be very meaningful and you  would be surprised at what you would find.

I am glad to see the old hotel  on Ashley Street taken down but I would like to have seen whoever was responsible to take action of preventing the dirt from coming into the street. Someone dropped the ball.