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April 13, 2014

Rant & Rave for Monday, April 14, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — VDT, please refrain from posting gun control comments. My son and I were at breakfast and he mentioned the low price of assault rifles at a gun show. I said that I was opposed to these. Two fellows overheard this and on their way out, the larger one said that I sounded like some the "communists" writing against America in the newspaper. He said that if were up to him I would be “lined up.” He got into a dilapidated Dodge pickup with anti-Obama, pro NRA, and a Baptist Church bumper sticker.

It's true what the previous driver wrote in about. As you're driving south on North Oak Street and come to West Alden Avenue, if you turn right onto West Alden you go over a large buckle in the pavement. It nearly turned my car over. I know the city can correct that if they just would. Might take 30 minutes. How about it city? Are you reading the paper?

OK, let's forget about the rats, the sewage problems, the paving, the traffic light mess, and talk about something we can all agree on — a larger arts center. We've out grown the one at the bank. It's elbow to elbow and there are plenty of empty buildings around town ( 5-points) that are two to three times the square footage and with adequate parking too.

So the filthy rich people refuse to help with their taxes with things that "we all need?” The rich already pay more total money than everybody else in this country. Why do you think they owe you anything more? You proved your point: “every man for himself.”

I find it absurd when a ‘Good Christian’ plays up being the victim of religious discrimination in the most predominantly Christian populated area of the country. This is not Africa or the Middle East! In the United States, Christian owned companies are opting out of Federal laws, and gaining exemption status for taxes while other religions are being denied their rights to present themselves as more than vilified stereotypes. Don't believe me? Look up the zoning and development request for an Islamic Community Center that was denied simply because of their affiliation.

If the millions of "bad guys" that use guns to do illegal harm to others had no guns, the thousands of killing fields in cities across the U.S. would be more gruesome. They would have to use legal things like bats, axes, chain-saws, etc., to do harm to others. Would the "good guys" then have their bats, axes, and chain-saws taken from them?