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September 24, 2012

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — A school should be organized in planning enough so that picture day won’t be on pajama day. Ridiculous.

When a school competes to be the “best,” it takes away time from the teachers and students in classroom learning. When you have constant school socials for parents and grandparents, it takes so much away from the classroom time. Our children need all the learning they can absorb, not fun socials.

A huge shout out to Georgia Power.  When we had that huge storm to blow through on Thursday, those guys were out and had the power back up in no time at all. I can speak for everyone in Valdosta. Thank you! And thank you for everything you do to keep the power up and running! Thanks again!

Bicycles do not have any place on the roads after dark. If they are not going to wear protective wear, reflective gear and lights on bicycles, they should be banned on the roads. It is very dangerous. Our elected officials need to consider having an ordinance.

Truck drivers are some of the worst drivers on the interstate and they used to be the best. What happened?

Have you read the book about the Cedartown football team? It is a history book that includes the 1941 state championship between Cedartown and Valdosta. It was written by an amateur writer and isn’t getting any statewide attention. It isn’t hard to find; just google the Cedartown High School Bulldogs.

Don’t get upset when you see old people working, get upset when you see young people on welfare.

The truth! If one doesn’t want to learn, nothing can help him. If one is determined to learn, nothing can stop him.

Nice to see that Valdosta Wildcat coach Gillespie can give the newspaper an interview after a win. Do it after a loss, too, coach!

In no way do I advocate drinking and driving. As a matter of fact, I am against alcohol because of the lives it destroys, but I am of the opinion that the possibility of being arrested for having an open container in a vehicle is contributing to the litter alongside our roads.

The city of Valdosta needs  to forbid the schools and colleges from having parades that disrupt the entire traffic flow in downtown Valdosta. This  is absolutely ridiculous!