Valdosta Daily Times

June 13, 2013

Rant & Raves for Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — The tropical storm brought much-needed rain. It was less violent than the thunderstorms we usually had, so we needed no warning calls.

Excuse me for blowing my horn at you for not going when the light turned green. How rude of me not to let you finish playing on your phone. I suppose I deserved having you flip me the bird? Next time I will take a picture of your tag and call VPD.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Red Lobster. Our vehicle and several more were involved in an accident in their parking lot Saturday night. The staff brought out trays of water to the families and emergency personnel and kept checking to see if we needed anything. Huge rave to the staff and emergency personnel that respond to our needs.

A very big rave for the lady with the Berrien County tag, who rescued the kitten on a very busy street on Friday. My sister and I were right behind you; thank you for saving the kitten's life.

Bad driving is not the police department or DMV's fault. It's the discourteous individual who cares only about themselves and not other drivers. It's the one who screams about "speedsters" and yet veers over the lane almost hitting the vehicle next to them. Simple courtesy would go a long way here.

The City of Valdosta needs another cable company! Competition is a great thing.

Getting VA disability is not as easy as you think! Maybe you should go to war, risk your life every second for your country, not be appreciated and come back pieced together. That is, if you make it back. More people are on welfare that shouldn't be so gripe about that, which really should be the complaint.

I agree with what the person says about waiting a few seconds before going on a green light. When the light turns green, I'm constantly looking both ways making sure there are no light runners as I cautiously accelerate. I don't lag, but I'm definitely aware.

How in the world is the police department the reason for crazy, stupid drivers? I'm sure you are the same one complaining when you get a speeding ticket as well.

I have a philosophy that I use all the time- You can't talk about anything you haven't been through. So for the person questioning the severity of "new" Veterans' conditions, are you a veteran? Have you been where any of them have been or saw what they have seen? I'll wait.