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May 9, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — So, you want a boy drum major just because he is a boy. What is wrong with having the three best candidates selected to be the drum majors regardless of sex? Wouldn't it have been a shame if that third girl had not made it just because they picked a boy who scored lower than her? As far as leadership skills go, it has been taught since day one with the Georgia Bridgemen. The three girls that made it are your better leaders!

My heart goes out to the Kendrick Johnson family and I hope that they will finally heal. However, shame on the community for being disrespectful towards the family.

I think the Johnson case is certainly a tragedy, but how about giving a little more attention to other stories going on in our area? What about the Commander murder? The stories of child abuse? The double-murder in Adel?

Amazing: Even a judgmental person like yourself can’t even bother to get the facts straight before you criticize something. Jason Collins did an extremely brave thing by coming out in a world filled with people such as yourself. Words of Wisdom: Leave the judging to God.

There are some really rude people in Lowndes County. If you don't believe it just go to the buffet downtown and see how the businessmen react like you should not be there and poor people should go to the soup kitchen.

The tragic accidental death of Kendrick Johnson could have been avoided if high school students weren't required to pay for lockers. Why aren't they free?

It saddens me that Cook High School had the most boys from our area to participate in the state track and field championship. Seven of their eight participants placed in the top 10 in state. Sad that Cook County got no recognition in the article "Local Runners Compete in Track Championships." Does that mean they are not local?

May I suggest that if the "people" in Hahira want to see a Waffle House, then they need to make their opinions known to their elected officials. There has been many businesses interested in Hahira, but have not had the support of some of the elected officials and the residents. I am a resident of Hahira, and would like to see this place grow.  

You are absolutely right. Code enforcement is a desk job not a field job. I've called concerning both tall grass and illegally parked vehicles only to be told, “We'll send a letter." Don't strain yourself, it's only our property value.