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May 5, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, May 6, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I hope Al Sharpton finds time to visit the mother in Brunswick whose baby was shot point blank in the forehead while in his baby stroller. Perhaps the reverend could also counsel the angry young black man who pulled the trigger. Oh wait, the baby was white. Never mind.

The VPD should provide mugshots of everyone arrested to the VDT to be published daily. This is becoming very common in other metro cities.

It's official. Kendrick Johnson’s' death was accidental. Let it be. I'm sorry for the family and their loss, but what is it that they want?

It is OK to disagree with our president, it is the way you disagree with him.  You know what I am talking  about.

With 450 members, the Bridgemen couldn't find one boy worthy of being drum major? What are you teaching those boys? Not any leadership skills.

Amazing: Tim Tebow is regularly criticized for demonstrating his Christian faith: Then Michael Collins is termed a hero for coming out as gay. Obama even calls him with congratulations. I do not think God will continue to bless our country if we continue to thumb our noses at Him!

Sorry for your lack of Christian kindness. Presidents of all stripes have spoken out on social issues. Their job is to be socially aware and to not wage senseless wars on foreign governments.

My heart goes out to the Johnson family. I am not sure what exactly happened; it could have been accidental or it may not have been. I do know that people don't understand what a body may look like when blood rushes to the head and then stays there for hours. He wasn't going to look like he merely fell asleep, as you may hope and assume.

Why in the world are girls allowed to wear stilettos to VHS? Even worse, some of the staff look like they're ready for a night on the town rather than to educate children. Please do something about the dress code.  We survived without shorts and high heels years ago, the current generation should be able to as well.

Customer service reps, it is rude to remain on the phone while trying to take my payment or handle my problem. If helping another customer over the phone, I am perfectly fine with an "I'll be right with you." However, when you continue your conversation, which is obviously a personal phone call, I find that so rude.