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August 29, 2013

Rants & Raves for Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — To the disgruntled pizza delivery person, delivery fees are automatically included in the price of the pizza when you order it for delivery. It clearly states "delivery fee" on the receipt. You’re not a waiter, you brought a pizza in a cardboard box to the door.

I respect my military friends, but I find it amusing that many of them have the silly little notion that whatever worked in the military will work in the civilian world.

The person suggesting Berrien County is broke must not be a taxpayer. The county had surplus budgets three consecutive years and paid off over $1.5 million of a $4.5 million debt . Accomplished while reducing the millage rate. As a taxpayer I feel very fortunate to have Commissioners who manage expenses and require accountability from all departments.

Does anyone know if you can sue for your medical information being told to others by employees and the best lawyer to use for that? Thank you.

I understand how the booster clubs work, but you would think that all of the school-related groups would work together. Teachers have been furloughed and the schools are scrounging for education-related funds, but we have a new scoreboard! If your spouse lost their job, would you let the electricity be turned off, while you bought a new car, because the money was in your ‘new car account?’

When I'm walking or riding my bike, I want to see what's coming at me so I can get out of the way. I don't want to be hit and never see what hit me. We need more sidewalks so we don't have to ride or walk in the street and obstruct traffic. It's not safe on the roads anymore.....not even in your car!

Well that's a simple question with a simple answer. At first, the president was specifically asked a question about the Martin case, and he answered. He also commented after the verdict because people, reporters really, wanted to know what he thought. Now I'm sure if asked about the Australian man, he would answer that also. As far as outrage, those kids were arrested right away. No need for it.

A big problem with the free lunch program that includes all the kids regardless of financial need, be it federal or local, is that it increases the expectation of government handouts. When these kids graduate, they'll ask, "Where's my food?" and go on food stamps.