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January 31, 2014

Rants & Raves

for Friday, January 31, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Watching the audience’s standing ovation after the president demanded employers “give America a raise” reminded me of some of the old German films of Hitler addressing the faithful. The raise requires profits; government taxes and regulations drain profits and are the biggest impediments to profits and hence employment. He promised a $10.10 salary requirement for all government workers and contractors. This is a legislative act reserved for the Congress. Milton Freidman, Nobel Prize winning economist said: “the most anti-black law on the books is this land’s minimum wage law”. He understood that minimum wages eliminate those who cannot meet the minimum production required to justify the salary. Entry level jobs are the first to go.

Good ol’ Valdosta! Not only is this the litter capital of the world, we are now the wimps of the south over a bit of cold weather. You don't have to be Willard Scott to know the ground temperatures were never cold enough to freeze to the point of pushing the panic button.

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Georgia Military College is requiring that their students attend night classes when every other school in Valdosta and surrounding counties have canceled. Shame on them for not looking out for the safety of their students.

Someone needs to address our local Georgia Department of Labor response referrals. I sent off for three referrals on Monday, here it is Thursday and no responses. Either someone is extremely slow, or only sending out referrals to specific people.

After spending much time researching digital antennas, I chose to make my purchase online. A multi directional, not omni directional, antenna that advertised a reach of over 100 miles for less than $100.

Thanks to the employers who thought of their employees' safety when making the decision to close for business during the bad weather. You understand that your employees can't do their job if they are sick or hurt, and keeping safety in mind was the right call.

The President has said that smoking marijuana is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol. The main difference is that you can stand in crowded place with drinkers and not get intoxicated. Stand in a crowded room with those smoking marijuana and see what happens. Where's the dedicated driver here?