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November 22, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, November 22, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — All the years I worked for SGMC at Patient Financial Services we never had to work the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a shame the staff is being made to work and can’t be with our families. That office is so cold and miserable when it used to be such a happy place amongst the employees. I heard the Interim Director is off but requiring the staff to work. Is that fair?

To the person complaining about spitting tobacco, please tell me how it’s harming you. If they want to do it, let them. Its their habit so mind your own business.

My wife and I had the occasion to be in Lake City, Fla., recently and we ate lunch at the Gondolier's Restaurant there. The food was quite good and the atmosphere very pleasant. We're looking forward to the opening of the one under construction on Norman Drive.

Thanks for calling me a poor parent! My daughter picked up the nasty smoking habit from her friends and is still struggling to kick the habit. Our home does not tolerate smoking and we worked hard to help her kick the habit after making that terrible mistake. Sorry for bursting your bubble, her upbringing was exemplary but her smoking habit is an addiction that the tobacco companies bank on.

Kind of interesting to recently see some writers expressing a desire for a Fresh Market or similar food store. I too would love to see one but I also think back to not that long ago when writers to this column were clamoring for an Olive Garden. Well we got one but sure seems that after the newness wore off, the parking lot is pretty scant on cars. Let's be sure we will support what we ask for!

Having to pay for maternity benefits that you may never use under the Obamacare plan isn't a new concept. I don't have a child in the public school system but I am paying for other people's children to go to public schools.

The new fountain outside SGMC looks great. Too bad they used employees PTO to build it.

I am one of the millions of middle-class Americans negatively affected by Obamacare and I refuse to pay a double premium for the same insurance. I am better off paying the fine and saving my premium each month to cover whatever costs I have from medical bills. From the news reports I have seen the majority of those signing up are going to be on Medicaid and without enough “paying” people, the whole thing will implode. Sit back and watch!