Valdosta Daily Times

February 22, 2013

Rant & Raves for Friday, February 22, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — A big rave to the Valdosta City Schools Board of Education for choosing Marty Roesch as the next superintendent! Thank you! He will do well and lead Valdosta City Schools into the future, including the building of the new high school and campus on Inner Perimeter Road.

Thanks to all of the hard-working employees at Bubba Jax Crab Shack. It is nice to go in this seafood restaurant and have great service each and every time that you visit. They are all so friendly. So, if you want to eat some delicious seafood, make sure you go eat at this place. You will not go away hungry, that’s for sure.

Sheriff Prine stated concerning last weekends roadblocks, ‘We were there primarily to get drunks off the roads.’ There were only seven DUI arrests, according to the VDT. I believe it was great getting these seven people driving under the influence, not necessarily “drunks,” off the roads. But was it really worth the cost to county and the state?

The government is trying to squirm out of the sequestration deal they signed, so they can keep over-spending our money. That’s like a child who wants a treat, then tries to squirm out of doing chores. Would you accept this behavior from your child? Of course not. So don’t accept this kind of behavior from your government. Call Congress and tell them to stick with sequester and cut over-spending now.

New tax is $732.12 for a $11,325 car sold by owner. Versus current ad valorum $140, about 10 years to break even (value and ad valorum drop each year). So keep it too long and face expensive repairs or pay another high tax for another used car. Low and middle income buy used, hurting them the most. Not the President’s vision.

Well since the trash dump has been closed, there is trash all beside the roads. I have a dirt road behind my house , now it is a dump ground for everything. What are we to do with all the yard trash? I live at Stone Creek and we are not to put any yard trash beside the street. Please open the trash dump. Or open a place that we can take the yard trash.

A person who resents his employer making a profit by his labor will not make a good employee. Only people willing to produce their best work are needed.

VDT: “Child Shot In Hand.” Valdosta has more gun problems than anyone is admitting. Everyone’s totin’ and many are careless.