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October 31, 2012

Rant & Raves for Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Halloween isn't fun anymore. It's over-commercialized, overdone and too sanitized. Blow-up pumpkins and ghosts in the front yard? Now the city and county is going to tell us when kids can trick or treat? We've ruined it worse than we've ruined Christmas.

Whether you are for or against the charter school amendment, how is it right that the only parents with a choice as to where to send their children to school, within the public school system, are teachers or administrators who work inside the system? School attendance zones don't apply to teachers and they should.

If businesses want to attract and keep employees here in Valdosta, they need to pay a more competitive wage than what they're presently doing. The old saying goes "you get what you pay for" unfortunately applies here in town. Please open up your payrolls and start getting people out of poverty.

Can anyone recommend a good grief counseling center (or person) here? I have been unsuccessful in finding the right person. I have encountered rude office staff — scheduling an appointment and not following up and not caring.

I went into the postal service recently and the employee I spoke with was so understanding and spoke to me in detail concerning why I haven’t received mail in over four weeks. However, the supervisor was very disrespectful. She really needs to change her attitude and become more customer friendly.

Doctors, if you don't have time to see additional patients don't accept any. Patients appreciate that more than having appointments scheduled only to find out the doctor won't be there and dealing with rude office personnel.

Thanks to Moody AFB and all of its personnel for a great 2012 Air Show. Shame on the booths that were selling food. We all know that a hot dog doesn't need to cost $4. I understand that you were raising funds for your squadrons, but with the volunteers you had you should have been able to price the food items cheaper. I work with a lot of volunteer groups and this is the worst pricing I have seen.

Dentists are like any other product you purchase. If a certain one is too expensive, find a cheaper alternative that'll give you about the same bang for the buck. Comparative shopping is a must and it'll let that dentist know that you're charging too much, and now I'm taking my business elsewhere.