Valdosta Daily Times

October 14, 2012

Rant & Rave for Monday, Oct. 15, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I wish Valdosta and Lowndes would call a truce and stop the childish games about the ticket allotments for the Winnersville Classic game. Valdosta's visitors side should all go to Lowndes, as that side is much smaller than their home side. Lowndes should allot the same amount of tickets that Valdosta has on their visitor side, leaving a few more for Lowndes fans on the visitor side since their stadium is larger on the visitor side.  

Oh, ranter — I just love how "gangs and drugs" go hand-in-hand with "liberalism" in our public schools. I could argue that narrow-mindedness and self-righteousness go hand-in-hand with conservatism.

What's going on, Lowndes County Schools? My child loses his gifted teacher down in Lake Park last year. And now this year, at Lowndes Middle, you move the gifted teacher into another position? My child needs a good education and stability, too.

Smokers, please stop throwing your cigarette butts out onto the road. If you don't want them in your car, what makes you think people want them on the street or in the grass? To the female driver of the grey Lexus on North Valdosta Road: Shame on you for throwing out your butts.

Where is the "Professionalism" of the Lowndes County Public Works Department? I can’t believe the Recycling Lot attendants had to read in the paper today they may not have a job come the first of the year. Isn't it their duty to inform their employees of the possible loss of their jobs? Some may need to start looking for other employment.

City construction workers on River Street: Thank you so much for starting work at 10 p.m.! Sleep is overrated, and nothing is more soothing than the sound of drills and grinding metal!

Law or no law, it makes as much sense for me to drive my car on a bike lane as it does for a cyclist to ride their bike on a busy city street.

You can always justify to yourself why you did something but if it's wrong you know it deep down inside. Wrong is wrong no matter how you explain it to yourself.

I’m so tired of Lowndes County Public Works dragging ditches and cutting residents’ phone lines. Please stop dragging ditches. Or get qualified workers to drag the ditches.

Rave to Linda and Ivey Jr. for a successful yard sale for the Lions Club. Thanks to everyone who came and made a donation for this cause.