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October 11, 2012

Rant & Raves for Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — Death comes to everyone but when lives are destroyed because of an accident and a fatality, families and friends are changed forever. It is the very fact that someone was distracted for a second, eyes were diverted for whatever the reason and people are destroyed forever! It may not be the driver killed but you are responsible for others when driving.

When behind the wheel please keep eyes on the road!

I hope The Valdosta Daily Times is able to publish a very comprehensive list concerning what projects and how much the projects will cost concerning the upcoming SPLOST VII vote. Who makes up the list and who oversees their implementation. So many people are tired of taxes because they don’t feel they see anything to show for it. The SPLOST VII revenue directly benefits our community with projects that our city has a hard time finding the funding to accomplish.

Rules should change and the bikers should ride on the sidewalk. There are very few walking, if any, on the sidewalk and it would be safer for everyone.

Bicyclists may have rights, but if they don’t stay off the road, they may be dead right. Sometimes we don’t have time to stop, move over or even see them. They are putting their life on the line and should bike somewhere with less traffic.

My hats off to the firefighters in black gear that walked in the Honey Bee Parade. It was hot and they still wore all that stuff. When I asked if it was hot, he said it’s part of the job. I have new respect for firefighters. Thank you, firefighters all over the world!

Happy Emergency Nurses Week to all the fine nurses at the SGMC emergency room! You guys are awesome at what you do and deserve to have a week to acknowledge it!

Ignorance is bliss! We see it everyday! Keep telling yourself you know everything, maybe it will be true someday! Bless your heart, goofy!

Can you say online school? Good! Now what does that mean?! Ugghhh ...

Let’s give a shout out to anyone who works a job and sticks to the job for better or worse! Not just sitting around criticizing, complaining or looking for an easy way.

I agree that the arrows at Sam’s should be obeyed. But why should I wait in line to get gas when no one is using the pump on the other side. Maybe there should be fewer lanes with gas tanks on the right side of vehicles.