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September 9, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2011

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — Not another penny for SPLOST while the current regime is in power. Once again you are hurting the citizens of Valdosta, showing little remorse for your actions. Do I need to remind folks of what you did to the “Islanders” and the money you cost them? Now you are faced with another citizen lawsuit over the contamination of their properties from a neglected sewage plant.

To the adult ranting about children being in the bar area of restaurants: Monday evening my two young daughters and I went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse (their pick) where the hostess seated us at a booth in the bar area. While this would not have been my first choice of tables, I understand that servers’ stations are seated according to a rotation. Instead, we made the most of our night out and had a great time! We did not disturb the “peaceful atmosphere” of the already loud family restaurant. If drinking your dinner in tranquility is what you’re after, then I suggest you stay home or find a bar that caters to a very quiet 21 and up crowd.

A ranter said Friday, “If you don’t like the idea of people getting help with housing and food when they need it ...” The key words there are “when they need it.” Too many are on assistance who do not need it, who have money for the clubs, new cars, houses, big TV’s, steaks, etc. For them, I have no respect.

To those who criticize others who do not support SPLOST, my I suggest that you “grow up.” Like you, every taxpaying citizen has the right to question where tax money is being spent, and reasons why. Speaking for myself, while I agree that SPLOST does provide a good funding source for some projects, all I ask is before we go to the tax payer asking for more money, we must justify the need, and determine that all other funding sources have been exhausted.

I’ve read about this happening many times in the R&R but never thought it would happen to me. I was very surprised. Thank you to the woman ahead of me who paid for my Hardee’s breakfast Friday morning. It’s the little nice things like that that can brighten a day.

The Remerton Mill is now gone. When will the City of Remerton return the SPLOST money for the restoration of the mill and the moving of city offices?

While I agree with not having kids in a bar area, let’s be real here. Sitting in the bar with an expectation of a peaceful atmosphere is a little ridiculous. If you want a peaceful, quiet scene, go to the library or church. It’s a bar.