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August 29, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, Aug. 30, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I moved here from the Midwest and have found walking in Valdosta to be scary. Sidewalks are rare and there are no gravel shoulders for protection on busy paved roads. I try to avoid streets like Eager Road but must use them to get to safer neighborhoods. Following the Georgia Governor's office of Highway Safety, I walk close to the left side of the road facing traffic. That's also what I learned in school.

To the citizen who complained about the mismanagement of county/city government in Berrien County, maybe you should run for office. At least then you'll be a little more informed about certain issues before you run off at the mouth.

Why do all you people in the city send your kids to Lowndes? Every day I drop off my daughter at Lowndes and I see tons of kids that I know live in the city school district. Classrooms are full enough.

Local governments are already dividing up SPLOST VII money they don't have. For those in government, what makes you think the taxpayers are going to pass the next SPLOST VII? I noticed how fovernment tried to slip it past the voters in the last Presidential election even though it wasn't going to expire for another year. Who is accountable for how the local governments spend the SPLOST monies. Our city leaders have failed. The water treatment plant fiasco being called "An Act of God" stinks to high heaven. We need a change from the top down. Vote the failed leaders out of office.

The city was able to build water treatment facilities before SPLOST. The county built Perimeter Road before SPLOST. We were told with the first SPLOST all our roads would be paved within a reasonable time frame because of the maintenance savings. Now they can’t upgrade the radio system without SPLOST. I vote NO!

Remember when we were being sold a bill of goods on the T-SPLOST? We were told it was needed for improvements like the Hill Avenue overpass. It’s being built anyway. Remember how the last SPLOST included building a library and auditorium? How would the city have funded the water treatment plant then? Shouldn’t water bills pay for it anyway?

I hope the people that are complaining about the "give-away" programs like welfare and free school lunches enjoy their sermons Sunday.

Shame on my fellow

Christians who spew such hate for our President and the weaker of our society.