Valdosta Daily Times

August 26, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

--- — Lanier County Chamber of Commerce... Why is grant money that is intended to be used to help develop our county given to a family to purchase an olive press? How does that help grow our industry or create jobs? Lanier County needs industries to come and jobs to be created, not free money handed to a family for their own benefit.

Don't be so quick to judge someone by how they dress. Some of us don't have time to go home and change after work and get all dolled up before going to dinner or shopping. Lower your snooty nose a little before you drown.

Why isn’t the Health Department monitoring the  spill of sewage into the Withlachoochie River? Where are the public notices about the safety of swimming and fishing? Isn’t this required by law?

Five years of no City raises and 2.5 percent increase this Jan. 1st equates to $5 per week for me, just when increased Obamacare costs begin. I earn $150 too much per month for free school lunch and almost qualify for SNAP and welfare with my full-time employment. Anyone else living on the edge in this "Economic Recovery" touted by Washington D.C.?

I am so sick of "give-away" programs. Welfare, food stamps, free breakfasts and lunches, free child care, subsidized medical care, free school supplies, low income (subsidized) housing, etc. All you takers need to realize that taxpayers pick up the tab, that’s why we care and have the right to voice our disapproval. Frankly, I hope this government goes belly up and the check writing is forced to stop and people are forced to be responsible for their actions.

If Lowndes Schools really wants to save money what about all the department heads that have unmarked county school vehicles that they use for personal use. They take them on vacation, hunting, haul the boat fishing and the family out to eat. Who pays for the gas?

Thirty students in my class, furlough days again this year, always hearing the term "budget cuts," yet I just found out select employees received a raise. What's wrong with this picture? How about an explanation Lowndes County School Board?

Does the City of Valdosta even have a road department? Why is it so hard to fix a simple bump in the road such as the "ski jump" at the corner of Oak Street and Alden Avenue? Why do we pay taxes? Get it fixed!