Valdosta Daily Times

August 23, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, August 23, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — There should be a law against pets of any kind that are caged. How would you like to live your life that way? They need to be free and with their own kind.

Why do we not have any cable television competition in Valdosta? My daughter has Xfinity by Comcast in Atlanta and it is so much better than Mediacom! I don't want satellite service, so please, Valdosta — get us some competition here!

Vote for SPLOST, not me. I voted for SPLOST 20 years ago when the money was supposed to be used to pave the roads in Lowndes County and mine hasn’t been paved yet.

To the people in our community who order pizza for delivery and do not tip, consider how you would feel if you did not get paid when you go to work. Someone went out of their way for your convenience, so don’t inconvenience them.

Please get your story straight. The scoreboard for Lowndes High School football was purchased by the Booster Club and the Band Booster Club and private funds. No school monies was used to purchase that scoreboard.

We need to change the name of Berrien County to Broke County. It is embarrassing to even live in this county due to the stupid things our leaders do. Yes, cut officers’ phones off and put them and us in danger and harass businesses about grease traps. Maybe us citizens need new changes in our city and county management areas.

For years now, we have all been paying a storm water fee. Mine is $1.25 a month, for what? Last storm, I was stopped at a red light and watched water pouring out of a manhole cover in the street. I could barely drive down the street because the water was  covering half the street. So, what is this storm fee I'm paying each month being spent on?

In addition to sidewalk laws, police should enforce bicycle traffic laws on the road. Bikers are required to ride with traffic, not against traffic. Likewise, pedestrians have it backwards too. I learned this in elementary school.

It is great that Lanier County Schools has upped security at the high school and middle school. However, the elementary school and primary school are of great concern to parents. There is no buzzer at the front door of the elementary or primary school. Also, there is no counter or glass to protect the front of either school. In light of recent events, this should be looked at!