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June 2, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, June 3, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — The County Commission issued a statement saying "most" people were happy with the new trash service. When did this survey come out? Nobody asked me.

Not sure if parents know about this or not, but when their kids go to The Lakes in Lake Park, they aren't there watching Disney cartoons. A lot of underage drinking, drug use, and who knows what else is taking place there. So, when your child says they are going to hang out in Lake Park for the day, be a proactive parent and find out exactly what they're doing.

The president of the Brooks County BOE has made it known that they do not have to explain their new administrative assignments or the elimination of the SRO program.       I'm sure because they realize how ridiculous they are.

It would be so nice if the City of Quitman, Brooks County and the state highway department  workers could be trained to recognize pot holes and report  them to their supervisors and the supervisors could take action to repair the damage.

Because writing in to the Rant and Rave a week after graduation ceremonies is really going  to do a lot to remedy your "rude people" problem. You should have turned around during the ceremony and asked them to be quiet. Not a week later through the paper.

I like reading the  complaints in R&R, but: Can we stick to complaining about policy and civic problems or needed improvements for businesses and services? The complaints about personal slights and insults are not just boring, they're childish.

It would be nice if this community could come together to provide services and goods to all of Lowndes County citizens and especially children, and not just those who live in the city. It seems to me that the less fortunate in the city are offered far more assistance than those in the county.

I was so disappointed to see that I was the only one in my "military filled" neighborhood to fly the flag on Memorial Day. My dad is a Marine and my family has always respected the flag. Does Air Force not respect the flag?

In reply to the Bemiss Road Speedsters: I have to run at least 55 to keep from getting run over by everyone that feels the need to run 60+ mph. To all of you drivers that think it is necessary, not only are you endangering me you are also endangering my children.