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April 4, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, April 5, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — When is the City of Valdosta going to start spraying for mosquitoes? The area around McKey Park and neighborhoods by the creek are over run with the pests. Please help us.

To the person whose coupon binder was stolen at Publix — please go by the library on Woodrow Wilson Drive (Reference Desk) and ask to go through the coupons we have on hand. Everyone is welcome to take what they need. Hope your binder is returned to you ASAP and that wonderful things will happen for you and yours.

A rant to the two city ticket writers that hound the VSU art students: Guess you think running projects in for two seconds is illegal. Another thing that really bugs me is that my tuition goes to you two ladies sitting in the Interior Design gallery because it’s cold outside.

To the person defending the yellow church van: If your goal is to feed hungry children, you will listen to the person's complaint and make adjustments so that every child is fed. Whether their complaint is legitimate or not, your true self is showing.

To the person who still wants to rant about the issue at Valwood, please take it up with Valwood, enough already!

Are First Lady or University Ambassador titles to be used? Check out the Faculty Processional Packet sent out today from the chairperson of the Presidential Inauguration Investiture Ceremony and Reception subcommittee. Guess what, one and the same person.

Valwood does not offer scholarships. They offer financial aid to families who apply to the several options listed on the website — even student athletes.

A rave for Cindy at Winn-Dixie on North Ashley  in the Floral Department! She took the time to answer my questions, had a lot of ideas, assisted and made a beautiful fruit basket in no time at all. Highly recommend her!

I'm so glad that there are a few local businesses left in this town where the people are friendly and service is still a priority. I love doing business with Shan's Bait and Tackle. The owner's sons are always so kind and respectful.

The city ordinance on animals is that you can only have two dogs or two cats on one property. You can have a third if it is a registered service animal. Please call animal control if your neighbors are violating this, especially if they are running a puppy mill.