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March 3, 2014

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I would like to give two “thumbs up” to Lowndes County Commissioner Demarcus Marshall for recognizing that we must and can do business better with respect to the response time of the Lowndes County Fire Department. Numerous homes have been lost because of the long response times, and a county that insists that the current system is working.

With the closing of Ashley Cinemas, it occurs to me that this would be a perfect time for Valdosta to build a brand new “dollar theater” somewhere else. I know the point is to get people to the bigger theater but not everyone can afford to do so.

Bubba Jax Crab Shack should have been chosen the Best Seafood for 2014. It is most definitely the best. My hats are off to Brian Banks and his staff for their dedication and hard work in making this restaurant a complete success. Keep up the good work, because you are number one in Valdosta.

You can’t refute facts. The earth is warming, sea level is rising, the poles are in transition, and the world’s glaciers are retreating. Past periods of global warming are written in the rocks (fossil record and depositional patterns). The extent to which human activity may play in this is not measurable. If it makes you feel better to believe “all is well”, go right ahead.

Affluent Lowndes County residents religiously support rich Republicans where only two of them voted for a recent bill to increase veterans medical, education, training benefits bill that failed in the house by 56-41.

The U.K. requires a lie detector test to get welfare. We need to do lie, drug, and sanity testing in the U.S. for all politicians, military, and agency leaders. We do not pay them to get high, fried, and lie. That done, then require testing for all welfare recipients. Also end the IRS and go to a flat federal tax on purchases paid at time of purchase. Those getting welfare must submit income and spending records quarterly, and get tested, to earn welfare.

Williams Street. “One of Valdosta’s Prettiest Streets” (from a recent tant). This is a disgusting and visual example of local government ineptitude. The Mayor and City Manager should be tarred and feathered along with the Councilman from this .district! Throw these elected officials and Hanson out, then use SPLOST funds to UNDO this Williams Street Mess!