Valdosta Daily Times

November 11, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — The breakdown of the American family is never more apparent than when you go into a restaurant and see every family on their smart phones rather than engaging in conversation about the events of the day. Those who should be the most important people in your life are shown where they really are in your list of priorities.

If you have a “friend” or acquaintance that owns a business and you are a customer of that business, that doesn’t give you the right to belittle the employees or try to frighten them with “name dropping” threats. Small business owners and their employees are working under some tough conditions and need everyone’s support. Maybe instead of complaining about every little problem that you see, maybe you could encourage the employees and be mindful that their experience and your opinions may not line up.

Good luck to The Lowndes/Valdosta Mock Trial Travel Team as they head to a Mock Trial Invitational at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. ... Bring home the win!

Seeing people spit tobacco doesn’t bother you? Cool. Can I come and pee in your yard?

Would it be asking too much for the SGMC to put a full page plan view drawing of their campus in Valdosta showing the new buildings, roads, and adjacent parking deck and lots with indications as to where you are to park in order to access the buildings? Also show the way to get to the ER. I’m afraid with all the new changes, people are thoroughly confused with all the one-way drives and roads. Thank you very much VDT, it’s worth it if one life is saved.

I hope that Valdosta City Schools does NOT sell the stadium. The reason that Valdosta is still in the 1920s is because we love history and if you don’t, please feel free to pick up and leave anytime. I’m glad Valdosta is historic. I just hate to see things like the Remerton mill be demolished for example.

It would’ve been nice to have been informed ahead of time that my voting location had been moved to a different spot. Running all over town trying to find the correct place to vote wasn’t fun. I was trying to vote before I went to work but that plan didn’t work out too well. Hopefully this will be corrected the next time people vote.

Thank you, Mr. Obama. My husband’s insurance just shot up to $1,186.33 per month, and we were advised that we also are covered with maternity benefits. What a joke; senior citizens don’t need maternity.