Valdosta Daily Times

October 25, 2013

Rants & Raves for Friday, October 25, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — I, for one, think putting sidewalks on Williams Street and every other street that lacks them is a great idea. However, it must be asked, who is in charge of this project? The Williams sidewalk is way too wide. Can we at least learn from this mistake?

The saying goes that a politician is someone who allows things to get real bad through sorriness, and then he can run vowing to fix the problems he’s allowed to happen. Now is the time to get rid of some of these that have 10-12 years in their positions and let some good new ones in to have a try. They can’t do any worse! The ones we have now allowed the budget, sewer, traffic, crime, and tax problems to happen so get rid of them!

The Affordable Care Act is not designed to work. It’s designed to fail. It was made so the poor still would not qualify for coverage and if they did they still can’t afford the premium or deductible. Same with those in the middle class, it raises the cost of their plan so they will have hardship. This will be the excuse to implement a single-payer system. Wise up, people.

Fellow educators, let’s remember the legislators when we go to the polls. They have not been furloughed.

Folks, when dealing with the Valdosta DMV, please be cautious when handing over your required original documents to the employee “helping” you. Before you leave the window, check to make sure that all your forms are being returned to you, and that they have your name on them. The young man helping us was very careless and made mistakes when dealing with both myself and my husband. We had to make a return trip to correct these issues.

To the person complaining about rate hikes because of Obamacare, are you sure you’re not one of the three couples on Fox News’ Hannity Show fabricating the same story? Also, the ranter who can’t afford insurance but has to pay a tax for insurance: if you go to the hospital, who do you want to pay for it?

I hope Valdosta City Schools does not sell the Board of Education and current stadium to VSU or anybody else. All the money that VSU has put into the university campus, they could have had a stadium built by now. The Valdosta BOE has had that property since the 1920s. That is history to me and would not be the same if they relocated and not to mention that Valdosta City has put a lot of money in the current stadium. Please, Valdosta BOE, do not sell that property. Also the BOE is in a perfect location from all the schools.