Valdosta Daily Times

October 24, 2013

Rant & Rave for Thursday, Oct. 24

The Valdosta Daily Times

VALDOSTA — To those that had their wedding reception just inside Florida off Loch Laurel Road Saturday: I’m sure you didn’t enjoy my loudspeaker any more than we enjoy your noise in this residential area. Tell your friends before they make their reception plans. Loud noise will be met with loud noise.

Why not just increase taxes on the upper 2 percent in Lowndes and Valdosta for the SPLOST and the LOST? Just collect the money at your next board meeting. The bottom 98 percent can’t afford to give any more money for a project that was paid for years ago.

Pick up your cell phone, and call the mall office about the high bushes.

I am for the “good old days,” too. Let’s bring back Dwight Eisenhower; 5.5 percent unemployment, 90 percent top tax bracket, and new roads and bridges. Yes sir, let’s bring back those good old Republican days!

Do businesses not realize how unprofessional and rude it is to let a customer stand at a counter unattended while the employee continues a personal conversation on the phone?

Bring a Fresh Market to Valdosta already. I travel to Tallahassee to shop there. Shopped at Trader Joe’s this weekend had good price would like to see one here.

The U.S. is releasing $1.6 billion to Pakistan; where are we getting the money? We are so deep in debt our great-grands will still be paying it off. How can we give money to other countries when we have to borrow to keep our own country running? I am a 80-year-old who is still working. Why are sending money to another country who we aren’t even on good terms with?

Valdosta is nice, but just nice. It’s not that different than most other towns this size in Georgia. There is also wealth here, even if it’s a closed circle. If any of the privileged ever wants to set Valdosta apart from the pack, consider investing in something unique: A fresh foods market or a world market or an ice rink or something. Otherwise, we’re just more of the same.

Although my insurance has had increases over the past 10 years, It has never been no where near the 50 percent increase it will be starting in January, along with a $300 hike on my deductible. Hundreds of thousands being kicked off their plans, premiums rising, and those being forced into the ACA ,and let’s not forget all those who don’t qualify. Is this the health care you envisioned? People can’t afford this.