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October 3, 2013

Rant & Rave for Friday, Oct. 4, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — I play football for LHS and will always be a Viking win or lose! But can we really only run two plays? The defense knows it's coming up the middle either left or right. Maybe it's time for a new play book.

To people walking dogs on Park Lane, Thomwall, and Park Ave. neighborhood area, please stop letting your dogs poop freely in everyone's yard. Be respectful and use a poop bag to clean up or let your dog poop in your own yard. Then you can dodge the stinky piles. Please be a responsible pet owner!

You must not be a homeowner. If I decide to put my house on the market, and across the street is a yard full of cars, trucks, and beer pong paraphenalia, how likely is it that I'm going to get a decent price for my house? That makes it my business.

Brooks County parents: did you know that most of the students do not have books/workbooks, teachers are not given extra copy paper to compensate for no books, and now teachers have to use a new lesson plan format that will be 20-25 pages per week? But, approximately five new jobs were created at the county office this year! This is not right!

I think before we quit paying our servicemen and women, we need to quit paying both houses of Congress first. Every day of the delay equals one month of their salary and benefits!

It's about time SGMC admit they have a problem. Too bad they didn't include that the employees are taking all the hits and administration is just cruising along.

The Lake Park Christmas parade should be held in Lake Park not at the outlet mall.

I looked at the SPLOST list on the Engineering page. I think I will vote Yes. Didn't realize how many projects my "penny" covered.

It’s interesting. We voted in the lottery to help support our public schools. Now the legislature wants to cut back school funding. Can anyone see the sense in undercutting our kids' futures?

The city, county and chamber all tout the “multiplier effect” of payroll on the local economy (usually 2 or 3x). No one mentions the “subtraction effect” of SPLOST pulling $150 million out of the local economy over six years.

I can't believe someone is ranting over a cent or cents word. If you are so proper, stay in your high society, perfect world. Ridiculous.