Valdosta Daily Times

September 22, 2013

Rant & Rave for Monday, Sept. 23, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — To inform citizens, are you aware of the five-year plan put into effect Aug. 1, 2012? Your water and sewer bill will increase each year. How is all the extra money going to be spent, city leaders? It seems it should be to finance a new water plant. Think of all the homes, apartments and businesses paying this increase.

If you don't want Valdosta Police stopping Lowndes High students, maybe you should tell the students not to speed in their own school zone.

Please don't follow the advice of the misinformed person suggesting walkers walk with traffic and bikers ride against. Not only is this unsafe it is also against the law. Bikers follow the same rules as vehicles, and pedestrians  are instructed to walk/run against traffic when no sidewalk is available.

Did you know that Moody Field Library will be closing by the end of this month? What else are they planning on removing from our military personnel and their families? Their bases are their homes and their communities. We need to nurture our military families. They give their all and we need to praise them not punish them.

I agree that SPLOST is the best way to raise money for projects. However, as far as the things that seem most important to the people, such as infrastructure and waste management, we still have the same people in charge that mismanaged and abused the one that is in effect now. Are we to believe that they can be trusted now.

To the informed citizen regarding the waste water treatment plant: This has been an ongoing problem for years. What happened with the past SPLOST money that could have been spent on that. What makes you think they will do the right thing? The Mayor needs to wake up. Stop spending SPLOST money on other things.

OK,  let's attempt to get you straight on sales taxes one more time. There is no G-SPLOST. There is a LOST which is collected and given back to property tax payers. There is a SPLOST for local government capital improvements and an E-SPLOST for school system capital improvements. As of March 1, 2013 there are no sales taxes on vehicles which was replaced by the new TAVT which replaced the annual property tax.

City Marshals should ride around and look at all the cars that are parked on lawns and do something about them. It is against the city laws and just goes on with nothing being done!