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September 17, 2013

Rant & Rave for Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013

The Valdosta Daily Times

-- — As an informed citizen it is absolutely clear that the city is in dire need of a new waste water treatment plant, which is part of the SPLOST proposal. So, tell me again how you expect to pay the million dollars for the plant to keep our rivers and yards sewage free. It is either SPLOST or increase taxes or fees for water & sewer. Well, I choose SPLOST any day of the week.

How many kids have to be hit by a car on the way to school to get sidewalks and bike paths in this town? Without paths and sidewalks we have to drive everywhere. More cars on the road makes more need for roads and road repair and less money for bike paths and sidewalks. But that circular logic still puts our kids in danger on their way to school.

For the comment about the Brooks County band. Apparently you have not been to our games. So we invite you to see us Friday night at Veterans Stadium. The Empire of Sound rocks. It is sad you have nothing better to do then try and discourage our kids. Our new band directors rock. Go, Empire of Sound!

To the couple at Chili’s: your behavior over a steak that was not right gave me a chance to teach my child a life lesson on how not to act. The server and management tried to fix it for you. You just wanted something for free. God will bless your server. She is the one who took the time to try to help and I bet you didn’t even tip her! I didn’t get her name but in a world of poor customer service she is a rare find! To all servers, thank you!

Absolute great timing on fixing Williams Street next to the Wildcat Stadium. The City Engineering Department couldn't have planned this better if they had tried. I bet I know when it will be completed. Right after the last home game is played! No parking needed then. Thanks.

I'm a huge Vikings football fan, but Friday night's game was something that I am even embarrassed about. It was clearly evident that we were going to beat Windsor Forest, but my team just kept on scoring. Please have somebody with some guts tell me why this had to happen. If I were the other team's coach, I would be highly upset about my opponent taking out their frustrations on my team. Not cool at all.

You are trespassing walking across neighbor's yards. You may be next door, but it is not your property. Don't feel free to walk up when you so desire, either. Privacy is the key to a good neighbor.